How Vehicle Emissions Is Always Being Discussed By People Of All Different Fields

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The topic of vehicle emissions is always being discussed by people of all different fields. Engineers look at the problem as “How can we design vehicles to be more fuel efficient?”. On the other hand, environmentalist look at the problem as “How can we stop this?”. Authors Khan, ABM S; Clark, Nigel N; Gautam, Mridul; Wayne, W Scott; Thompson, Gregory J and Lyons, Donald W from the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at West Virginia University in Morgantown have written an article for the “Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association” on the topic of vehicle emissions. The article is titled Idle emissions from medium heavy-duty diesel and gasoline trucks, the most of the contents of the article are results from an…show more content…
Therefore the intended audience is other professionals or students in academic settings. Each author is credible based on their degree and organization. The “Idle emissions” authors write for the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering which is in West Virginia University, which establishes their credibility to write and discuss the topics in the article. Similarly, the “Hybrid Vehicle” authors have also established their credibility on the topic by working for the Faculty of Engineering at the International Islamic University Malaysia. Authors from both articles are equal when talking about credibility. The “Idle emissions” authors are not making an argument, at least not directly. Their article is in the format of a report. The contents are that of an experiment the authors have conducted on certain gasoline/diesel trucks. All trucks varied in age and engine displacement(which is the volume of the engines cylinders). The authors ran all vehicles engines at idle speeds(not pushing down on the accelerator) and while each vehicle was running, they measured the amount of exhaust that came out of each vehicle. Next, they analyzed the contents of the exhaust. The authors found that certain molecules were emitted more from gasoline vehicles than diesel and vice versa. However, there was a trend in the data collected. The newer model vehicles emitted less than the older vehicles even though the vehicle was the same model. Similarly, the
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