How Victoria's Secret Entices Its Customers Into Buying

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How Victoria’s Secret Entices Its Customers Into Buying
In the retail industry, it has become important for retail outlets to sell more than just products. As people seek to acquire the essential items and commodities in life, there is a tendency to identify with certain outlets that signify distinctive qualities that reflect the lifestyle and interests of the buyer. Retailers have recognized this fact and have embarked on a mission to make their outlets as welcoming and accommodating as possible. This has involved investing in retail design to give the outlets a desirable look and feel that will appeal to customers and make them regulars. Victoria’s Secret, the leading retailer of lingerie and women’s beauty products, is one company that has made such an investment and has increased sales through sensory design. Through its décor and design choices, Victoria’s Secret attracts women between the ages of eighteen and fifty with its atmosphere of sexiness, elegance and romance.
One way that Victoria’s Secret attracts its intended customers is through its sexy vibe. To achieve this, the store displays a wide array of posters of models wearing the different kinds of merchandise offered. The use of posters of models in bathing suits and lingerie entices customers into buying these items because the models look alluring and attractive (Fenwick 1). When a customer walks into the store, he or she sees the different posters on display and is immediately carried away by the appealing…

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