How Videos And Newspapers How They Use Advertising Concepts

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There are a lot similarities between how videos and newspapers between how they use advertising concepts. The assignment was to answer 14 questions and write an essay over certain parts of advertisements. This advertisement was a whole minute long, and would cost more than most of the advertisements that There are many parts of an advertisement some which include,the background and plot, the design, and concepts like tone, mood and symbols. The ad itself is a story about a family who is going on a road trip, to find the tree where the grandmother met the grandfather. The family take the road trip in their Subaru and along the way, the audience experiences a bonding sequences, of the grandmother and granddaughter. This story is an advertisement is for a Subaru outback, which is a car. A car is very important to American culture, to us it is something that gets us from place to place and is a symbol of freedom. Cars are something that most people in america feel that they need and do have at least one of. It is something that is very important in American life style and so it has a longer time spent on the advertisement to build emotions and our memories. The commercial itself has the cultural attitude that older people, are very forgetful and eccentric and Children are innocent and loving almost to a fault and that mothers don’t like their mothers in law. One political aspect is that nature is important. It also implies that grandmothers and granddaughters can have one…
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