How Violence Affects Me Research Paper

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Violence fogs up everyone’s drive down the road of life. Navigating the road of life is already difficult enough, but when you add assault, shootings, and even just a simple slap to the face, it makes tasks much more challenging. Violence is wrong because it affects innocent people, and it’s damaging to developing minds.
I can deny it all. I want, but violence surrounds me and my day-to-day life. Everywhere I look it’s there. Television, news, video games, and even in my own school. Violence has affected me because it’s always there, whether I believe it or not. After my parents heard about all the police brutality against the black community, my parents have taught me and my siblings not to put up a fight against an authority figure, such as police. Knowing that not even police can protect me from violence makes me feel disappointed with society. One cause of violence is gang activity. Last year, a young girl named Kenniec was killed in a drive by shooting. What’s worse about the situation is that the only reason
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Violence as entertainment is damaging to growing minds, since after time, people will begin to believe that it’s okay to see people getting beat up or crowding around to see a fight after school. In the end, what do you gain from doing so? Seeing a fight shouldn’t be exciting; it’s something that we should frown upon. People also turn to violence when they feel that using (peaceful) words aren’t enough. They have to let out their rage with clashing, striking, and brawling. Being someone that people can go to without judgement will help reduce violence, even if it’s the “weak” thing to do. Lastly, the frank thing to do is just to walk away from violence when it occurs. If you don’t feel that you want to make a scene or just don’t want to see anything you don’t want to see: leave. You can spend your time doing other things, and you won’t regret
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