How Violent Media Encourages The Behavior Of Adolescents

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In present day society, the realm of intense and violent video games along with their media counterparts is ever changing, and this transformation is leading to the most expressive and realistic viciousness a child can be exposed to without actually harming another human being. Furthermore, due to this tremendous level of ‘realisticness,’ the inquiry of whether or not the violence portrayed in these video games and television shows leads to an amplified level of aggression and other types of violent behavior in their participants and viewers has become a forerunner among both psychological and parenting authorities. The purpose of this paper is to give an honest assessment of the various studies performed on this topic, as well as to give added insight into some of the various components of such research.
According to the New York Times in an article written by Anahad O’Connor, the United States government put forth a request in which they would expend some ninety million dollars in order to conduct a proper and thorough investigation on the subject of how violent media encourages the behavior of adolescents (O’Connor, 2005). Ninety million dollars seems like a rather outlandish quantity of money to expend over video game research, until you are truly able to understand the vastness of the media market and just precisely how many people it touches. Consider the following statistics obtained from a nationwide study: ninety-seven percent of United States adolescents…
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