How Visualization Is Done By Two Primary Ways, By Hiring Third Party Specialists Or Using Visualization Tools

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Visualization is the process/technique of creating images or charts to represent the data and to communicate the meaning of the data through it. Visualization is done by two primary ways, by hiring third party specialists or by using visualization tools. There are different dashboard products available in the market and the ideal software depends on the need of the project. There are different dashboards and they have their own merits and demerits. They need to be assessed and evaluated from the requirement’s point of view. Task/Role My company is in the process of purchasing a dashboard product, and has assigned me the task to give them the suggestions about different dashboard which would cater the needs of the company. Approach: My…show more content…
The availability of inbuilt dashboards serves the purpose and limits the learning time. The data could be imported from any source and can also be multi-blended from two or more sources at the same time to get the exact insights. Merits: • The scope of the software is high, as exact insights could be created by multi-blending and the installation is also quite simple. • Everything has been centralized on two tools, which makes it very easy. The architecture execution is centralized and reports and queries are prepared in this manner. • Reporting is advanced, the availability of multiple graphic formats in a unified interface helps to create reports seamlessly. Navigation dimensional integrated reporting is also available. Demerits: • The technical complexity is too high and many of the high level features are not used in any enterprise environment. The design of the documents is too complex as well, which leads to different results based on the type of visual presentation. • Less number of techniques for data mining, predominantly it uses only one technique. DOMO It has a slick user interface and is an online business intelligence tool mainly developed to build sophisticated dashboards without much involvement from IT. It serves as a good substitute for the companies who are in short of IT human resources. The dashboards that are created in Domo can
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