How Walmart Has Overcome Various Challenges to Conquer the Overseas Market

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How Walmart’s overcome various challenges conquered the overseas market Wal-Mart has been generally successful overseas in a number of very important markets. The fact that ASDA had already begun modeling itself on Wal-Mart smoothed the integration. After the acquisition, sales evolved from $16.8 billion in 1999 to $21.7 billion in 2003. It acquired a strong business and made it stronger,. In fact, sales per square foot in these U.K. units can reach $2,000, four times higher than at a Sam's Club, the Forbes piece claims. Wal-Mart implements systems that speak to the suppliers and allow for large-scale, real time sharing of information between stores and suppliers. This allows for greater control over stock and dense information regarding what is sold when. . It also highlights the incredible amount of power that Wal-Mart has and the way in which it attempts to increase control over each area. Abrahams spoke of the possibility of Wal-Mart including technology which would allow to products once sold and with the consumer . This would allow Wal-Mart to know how to improve on, or alter goods in order to draw more consumers to its stores, or what products are used for in order to improve the design. Although this is far from being implemented and unlikely to occur – the fact that Wal-Mart has considered this highlights its desire to increase control and knowledge over all areas in business. For example- case in South Africa South African retail sector is very strong

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