How War Has Changed Us

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The Experience That Has Changed Us Through our time here on earth, we all experience different events that make us into the people we are. Some of us experience the small things in life and never experience the sensational things. Certain people experience pain and unimaginable hardship while others experience love and comfort. We can be effected by small subtleties and overwhelming moments that open our minds and change us. War is an event that has influenced the human race since the beginning of time. War has the power to change a person, change emotions concerning life, and cause permanent psychological effects. It is an experience that has formed legends and stories which have changed culture. War has established itself with our human race, and it has given us many experiences which make us who we are today. Even though the human race has become more sophisticated and knowledgeable, we have resorted to war since the beginning of time. War has influenced culture, logic, and has been the force behind change throughout time. We are inspired by war because at times, impossible feats are achieved when much is at stake. The battle of Thermopylae is known as perhaps the most infamous last stand of all time and is arguably considered to be the most famous battle in European ancient history (Sparta). In the battle of Thermopylae circa 490BC, seven-thousand men consisting of a Greek State alliance lead by King Leonidas held off one-hundred-fifty-thousand Persians at a
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