How Was the Greatest Constitution and Government Formed

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How Was The Greatest Constitution and Government Formed George Washington Political Science 201 Professor X August 24, 2012 Introduction The Greatest Constitution and Democracy on earth, these are my heartfelt feelings concerning the country that I live in. Why do I feel this way, because of the freedoms that we naturally have as citizens of the United State. Freedoms that are sometimes ignorantly ignored by the average citizen instead of being cherished and utilized. U.S. citizens have rights thanks to the original Bill of Rights, for example the right to free speech and the right to bear arms. The framers of the U.S. Constitution which is the basic structure of the American system of government. The U.S. Constitution is a…show more content…
This allows for the bureaucracy to make laws through rule-making, which is delegation of authority. The bureaucracy delegates authority to the department or agency that will be responsible for its implementation. The bureaucracy in the United States is partly made up civil service agencies, that regardless of who has been elected to an office, the bureaucracy continues, despite the decisions made in the political process. Because of the framework of bureaucracy, it has been considered politically neutral. A reason bureaucracy works, due to the separation between politics and administration. Laws and policies are made by elected officials, who are held accountable to the voters, the role of bureaucracy is to implement those policies. An example of bureaucracy working, would be the Department of Defense that controls the Departments of the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force and other agencies that fall under their responsibility. Their responsibility includes all facets that deal with military personnel regulations, laws, equipment, operations, pay and placement of troops to name a few. The bureaucracy handles the necessary implementation of the policies handed down by executive office. A disadvantage for an agency implementing policy would be that bureaucracy is full of red tape and inefficient.
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