How Water Can Affect Your Education Essay

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Introduction: What is the first thing you do in the morning. Brush your teeth? Have a milo? Have a morning run? Or even a shower? To do all of these, you have to have safe clean water without any problems at all. Try to imagine yourself in a position without using any water at all because it 's not clean. But these aren’t the only things water can affect too, it can affect your education. Children has to walk 6 hours a day to go to the well and collect water, and because this is an important job and takes a long time to finish, then that means that there is no time for school. No school means no education. No education also means no job. No job means no money. No money means that you can’t pay for filtered water. And you know what happens if you don’t have filtered water Dehydration rates from all around the world is growing. Over 24 countries suffer and die from diseases of dirty water, which is 10% of the world’s diseases. 3,575 people die every year only from dehydration in hospital care so you can only imagine the number of people outside of hospital. This report will look into the statistics, problems and solutions on how we can provide safe, drinkable water to countries in need. We have found that hand dug wells are the best solution Solution: There are numerous solutions in the world, because there were inventors who were inspired to help to those countries in need of safe drinkable water. Listed below are some of those ideas that we have found. We have found 16
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