How Water, Coke And Gatorade Effected The Renal System

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Discussion: The purpose of the experiment was to help us better understand how water, Coke and Gatorade effected the renal system. The goal was to test and see if my hypothesis were correct regarding the urine specific gravity, urine flow rate, and presents of reagents using the Labstix. My hypothesis for this experiment was that the Gatorade drinkers will have the highest urine flow rate and that non-drinkers would have the highest urine specific gravity. Water is hypo-osmotic and coke contains a high amount of sugar making it hyperosmotic relative to plasma. Gatorade consists of large amounts of electrolytes making it iso-osmatic relative to the plasma. Based on these characteristics of the consumed substances, we are able to study the hormonal effects on the average UFR and USG.
Our subjects did start out in a similar dehydrated state. Subjects were asked to fast for five hours prior to the lab and they were restricted to drink alcohol or eat fatty foods the night before. The purpose of avoiding food and drink prior to the lab was so that the nutrients in the food and beverages consumed are not absorbed into the blood stream because it could impact factors that are measured in certain tests. Fasting improves the accuracy of those tests (). If each student did not monitor or follow the correct procedure, we would have had multiple errors in our results. The results would not be as accurate as they should be. The drinking groups varied in the amount that they were supposed

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