How Water Has Many Properties And Functions

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Water has many properties and functions. One of them is its ability to be a solvent. A known face is that water is called the “universal solvent” because it can dissolve many substances. This property can be very useful in everyday life, like inside our bodies to the medicines we take. For the activity, the students will test different solids and liquids being added to water and will see if the substances dissolve or not. This hands-on activity will include everyone to participate and to observe some a property of water. The students will fill out an observation worksheet in order to write down and learn from what they see in each trial. For this activity, students will be able to learn how water is a solvent by dissolving different substances, such as liquids and solids, into water. For this activity on solids and liquids will only be used, but gases can be dissolved in water, too. Some of the substances being used are: food color dyed water, oil, salt, sugar, flour, and coffee. In order to do this activity, the class will be split up into groups of four and will work together on this hands-on activity. It should take about fifteen minutes, but it could be shortened or lengthened. During the activity, the students will be filling out a worksheet that will show what substance(s) worked and did not work. There will also be follow-up questions to answer about the background information. By the end of the activity, the students will be educated on how and why water is the

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