How Water Is An Important For Our Lives

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“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water,” W.H. Auden says. It is true that water plays an important in our lives; nobody can survive without water. Importantly, water is a scarce resource which means that society has insufficient productive resources to meet all citizens’ needs. Once the scarce resource becomes more and more terrified, people will turn to limit the usage. Since California has been dried for four years continuously and reached near-crisis proportion, on April 1, 2015, Governor Jerry Brown signed an executive order that will restrict urban water usage by 25 percent to deal with the drought (Nagourney). The bill seems to make sense by limiting the water when it becomes scarce. This order will affect some…show more content…
in Johnson). Technically, farmers use 80 percent of water while cities use 20 percent (Johnson). However, as Governor Jerry Brown claimed California to reduce water using by 25 percent, he did not indicate agriculture (Johnson). Yet, Robert Glennon stated that “For California to solve its water crisis must also come from farmers.” Definitely, with a huge water consuming, restricting agriculture will conserve water more significant water than households’ water saving. Glennon points out that “By my calculations, even a four percent reduction in water consumption could increase by 50 percent the water available for municipal and industrial uses.” Thus, to solve drought, California should not restrict personal water use, but regulate agriculture instead.
Secondly, wisely using appropriate management, water in agriculture is one of the best ways to control water instead of restricting personal water use. Agriculture consumes about 80 percent of all water usages in California, and the primary water consuming in agriculture is irrigation. This irrigation system helps lands that don’t annually receive enough rainfall to be utilized for growing plants. According to University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources Communication
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