How Ways Environmental Growth Conditions Affect The Growth Of Algaa

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Ways Environmental Growth Conditions Affect the Growth of Algae, Chlamydomonas, in a Two Week Culture Introduction: Algae organisms are present in several ecosystems all over the world, including marine, freshwater, and soil environments (WSU Biology Department Faculty, 2017). Their relevant ability to grow in abundance depending on their environmental conditions may prove to be useful knowledge in the event that large amounts of algae need to be grown, such as in its role as a potential biofuel (Liang et al, 2009). Some algae are able to photosynthesize in the absence of light if glucose is present, but are primarily autotrophic in function (WSU Biology Department Faculty, 2017). In a similar study, a different type of algae, Chlorella…show more content…
Cuvette #5 acted as the media blank, and all cuvettes were vortexed. A spectrophotometer was set at a wavelength of 560 nm and each cuvette was measured for absorbance, starting with the media blank as a “zero” for the data. To determine algal concentration of each tube, 25 microliters of algae and 25 microliters of Protoslo were placed in a 1.5 mL Eppendorf tube and vortexed. 10 microliters were pipetted onto a hemocytometer and observed under a microscope at a magnification of 10x for counting algae. From counts of each of the four corners of the grid, an average of the four counts was taken, multiplied by two, and multiplied by 10,000 to get algal cells per mL. A standard curve was created from the data using Microsoft Excel or an equivalent spreadsheet program, and a Linear Regression calculator was used to find the statistical p-value (WSU Biology Department Faculty, 2017). To test the Chlamydomonas algae growth in light/dark and glucose/no glucose settings, four experimental groups were formed: Light + Glucose, Light + No Glucose, Dark + Glucose, and Dark + No Glucose. 2 mL of the algae stock was added to each test tube with the media, and two test tubes had glucose in them as well. Caps remained loose to allow air flow into the tubes, and aluminum foil was placed over two of the tubes, in which one only had media and the other had

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