How We Can Make Our Body Healthy And Live A Happy Life?

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How we can make our body healthy and live a happy life? In this modern era, everyone wants to be healthy because the healthy body has a healthy mind. According to Psychologies article, there are many things to do to make a happy and healthier life like get enough sunlight during various seasons, keep hydrated, proper sleep and physical exercises such as walking, resistance exercise and act of kindness, art of appreciation. These are very important to follow to remain healthy and happy. I think tips like eating a healthy life, take proper sleep and exercise like walking make us fit and fine.

There are 10 tips mention by the author for happier healthier life. There are many scientific ways like eating primarily that is a proper diet which includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Secondly, keep hydrated, water is the main component of the body which helps you to “clean your body and maintain energy levels including mental alertness” (Psychologies, Paragraph 3). Thirdly, eat in a proper way is the important thing, which includes eat food on regular intervals and chew food well. Moreover, plenty of sunlight during various seasons prevent various skin problems. Thirdly, proper sleep helps “to optimise mental and physical energy.(Psychologies,Paragrah6). It improves the concentration of person. Furthermore, physical exercise like walk regularly helps to burn all the fat which is harmful for the body. In addition, resistance exercises “helps to maintain muscle mass and provide…

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