How We Can Work Your Work

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Throughout these pages of reading the clear idea was how we as people see the work we must do every day. Are you happy that you go to work everyday? The way you view your work will determine how much you invest yourself. There are three kinds of work orientations, or mind frames, that you as a worker can hold. You can have a “job” frame of mind, which is it 's a paycheck, a means to an end only. You could see your job as a career, and “mark your achievements through money, but also through advancement and promotions which bring higher prestige and more power as well as more raises” (Seligman, 2013, p. 168). If this is the case, once you reach as high as you can go, you soon become disinterested in your employment and begin to look elsewhere for fulfillment. Thirdly, you could have a calling frame of mind. If you see you work as a calling it is part of who you are, you hold a passionate commitment to the work for its own sake. You would enjoy going to work every day it 's fulfilling in its own right, without regard for money or advancement, you enjoy what you do. You may ask why does it matter so much on how I see my job, I have to do it either way. Studies have shown it does matter, The frame of mind in which you view your occupation directly correlates with the amount of effort and productivity you will see in the end. For example, if you see your work merely as a job you 're not going to recommend it to anyone else that 's looking unless you 're absolutely required to.
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