How We Construct Ourselves As Human

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Animals and humans have many similarities in what makes both of them up. For example, humans are a part of the animal kingdom and anything in the animal kingdom is made up of matter. Our entire existence, as we can tell, is made up of matter. From the little neurons firing in your mind, to the water in the Ocean, it is all matter. Substance, to get Aristotelian, is not what separates us from other animals. What does though, are many wonderful things, and language is deeply embedded in nearly each of these things. For if there were no language, how would we be able to develop poems? Better yet, how would we be able to differentiate and explain the difference between sonnets and haikus? Language enables us to teach one another at a rapid…show more content…
This could be argued as being humanlike; it was possible that the replicants began having philosophical discourses through the use of language in their minds and achieved notions of freedom and happiness over their short lifespan. It must be pointed out that those in charge of creating replicants enabled the replicants varying degrees of intelligence; Eldon Tyrell and J.F. Sebastion. It is apparent that the purpose of replicants was shaped by Sebastion and Tyrell, but even though a few things were out of their control: death. It is revealed that the replicants themselves were not really programmed with a kill switch, but since their physical capacities exceeded those of humans, they died quicker, Tyrell explains this by saying, “the candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long" (Blade Runner). These beings were given the capability of language, at least to the extent of the human developers could give them. They were able to learn, to communicate, to want, to grasp, but were also designed to be shadows of humans themselves. In another story, He, She, and It by Marge Piercy, a cyborg named Yod is created as means to defend a small town on the outskirts of giant corporative enclaves and a hustling area known as the Glop that stretches a far expansion of North America. Throughout the story we learn of how data was inserted into the cyborgs brain and how it responds to

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