How We See and Read Images

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How We See and Read Images
Can advertisement qualify as a work of art? This question can bring different answers depending on how each individual argues. In my own understanding, advertisement qualifies as art because advertisements are meant to capture the audience attention. Art and beauty attract the attention of the mind through the eye. John Berger, an English art critic, novelist, painter, and poet tried to explain the way human beings view things and how this is affected by our knowledge, beliefs and what they assume to be right. He explains that what we see has been recreated or reproduced. Berger points out that the woman’s body portrayed by different people has changed over time, for instance, in early 1500-1900, visual art was characterized by oil painting and after 1900s photography came in place and became the main medium of visual art.
Susan Bordo in "Beauty (Re) Discovers the Male Body," focuses on nudity. This was in her times the trending subject although it is not seen in our current times where male nudity is found almost instantaneously. In her times, her understanding towards nudity was restricted towards male nudity. This was because women were itemized in almost all of our cultures and had become a daily observation to see images of nude women or something close to that. During her times, it was difficult to see nude male figure in an advertisement or art.
The two different essays by Bordo and Berger in regards to how we see and read images are both
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