How We Will Live During The World Essay

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How We Will Live in the World
“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”
― C.G. Jung

This quote sums up one of the themes that seemed prominent to me through all of our reading assignments this semester. In each book or short story, we read I was introduced to life like characters that experience everyday life just as I do. The characters within each storyline were dealing with or experiencing something that shaped them for the rest or their lives. These lessons could be anything from, learning how to deal with grief, how to live life with Christ like love, or simply coming to the realization that where they come from is not where they want to stay for the rest of their life. All of the characters, from Frank Drum in Ordinary Grace, to Garfield, in Destiny of the Republic have lived a life. No matter how long or short their life may have been, certain life lessons were learned and these lessons formed them into the people they were. These very important life lessons taught them how to live in the world and now hearing their stories, we can decide how we will live in the world.
Frank Drum was taught how to hold on to faith when it seems God has turned his back on you. In Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger, Frank’s older sister Ariel is found murdered. Shortly after this his mother leaves his father and his younger brother becomes very distant and angry. While these were not easy things to go through, the Drum family somehow made it through in one
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