How Web Architecture And Components

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Assignment 1: Website Performance Contents Introduction Web Architecture and Components The role of Web Architecture in Website Communication Web Protocols Factors that influence Website Performance Introduction Web Architecture and Components 1) a. How the World Wide Web works.... The World Wide Web is an organisation in which web resources and other documents are identified by URLs as well as interlinked by hypertext documents and can be amassed over the internet. The World Wide Web works through the http protocol and the servers connected to the web attend requests through the internet. The URL consists of protocol in which the server retrieves the indicated document and creates a response which is sent back to the user. b. The purpose of ISPs…. An ISP (internet service provider) is an institution and its purpose is to provide assistance to individuals and groups that are accessing the internet. The more popular and bigger ISPs such as BT are less dependent on telecommunication providers as they have their own high speed connection and therefore are able to provide better assistance to their users. c. The web hosting services that ISPs provide for business…. A web hosting service allows individuals and companies to make their website available via the World Wide Web. d. What is involved in domain structure….A domain name is a particular name that is used to classify a website. A domain name locates an organisation on the internet. For example the www = the host or
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