How Weddings Differ in Vietnam and America

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People in all countries of the world celebrate their important events like birthdays, graduations, weddings, and funerals, etc. However, the ways we have celebrations are different from cultures to cultures and countries to countries. Thus, Vietnamese and Americans have different celebrations for their events, and people in those countries celebrate their weddings differently in preparations, costumes, and ceremonies. One of the important differences between the ways weddings are celebrated by Vietnamese and Americans is preparation. According to the culture, Vietnamese wedding first begins by choosing a date and time for the marriage ceremony which is matched to both bride’s and groom’s ages in the oriental zodiac. For example, I am…show more content…
Nowadays, bride with traditional “AO DAI” may be in red or bright colors, and this is very different color of the bridesmaid’s “AO DAI”. For example, my brother’s wife wore red traditional “AO DAI” in their wedding ceremony, and her friend who was a bridesmaid wore the yellow traditional “AO DAI”. Although both the bride and the bridesmaid wore traditional costumes, the public can easily identify both the bride and the bridesmaid by the red and yellow colors. In contrast, Americans mostly use white color in their wedding celebrations. The bride often wears white dress and silver tiara, and a color scheme is often selected to match everything from bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers, invitations, and decorations. For example, my husband’s coworkers sent her invitations in purple colors and at the wedding celebration six bridesmaids were in purple dresses, and six groomsmen wore purple ties. All decorations and flowers were in purple also, and the bride looked exceptionally elegant in her white dress at the wedding reception. The last difference between the ways wedding celebration in Vietnamese and Americans is in the ceremonies. Vietnamese wedding ceremonies are occurring in the following order: first, a representative of the groom’s family asks the bride’s family permission to come in the bride’s house and receive the

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