How Welding And How It Changed The World

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Welding, some of you may wonder what welding is. I am here to tell you what welding is, how it came to be, and how it changed the world. You may just think of welding is only used on the pipeline or just used on cars and just small little things. But I am here to tell you that it revolutionized the world but before I do that I think you will need a little history lesson on how welding came to be. Welding dates back to ancient times! The early examples come from the bronze age when they used pressure welding to hold to gather small gold boxes. Pressure welding is used when two pieces of metal are heated up and pressed together and then rapidly cooled then the joints form together. This process is also known as forge welding and it was…show more content…
Which the ability to control the flow of electricity it made it easier to regulate heat and you could weld on different types of metals. Going on a few centuries to the 1890s C.L. Coffin a man from Detroit was credited the U.S. patent for the metal electrode. This was the first recorded passing of melted metal from the electrode through the arc onto the metal forming a weld. This process made the welds stronger than ever holding longer and looking better as well. They proved this point by having two steel beams one that was riveted and bolted vs welded. The put both through extreme bed test and the welded joints held a lot longer and proved there last. This showed the world that welding was a reliable way to join metals. This sparked a fire buildings were allowed to have more joints and curves opening up a new design for houses and commercial buildings. After this new styles were showed the demands for welding machines went through the roof and the needs for welders as well. The 1900s was quite a year for the welding business there were over 7 different types of welding invented during this era. I can 't go into detail about all of them but I can about few. Some of which would be spot welding, Spot welding occurs when a piece of metal is put in between two electrodes which in then have an electrical current sent through them and heats up the inside of the metal cause it to melt then super cool in one certain spot. This form of welding is popular on the
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