How Welfare Has Changed From The Colonial Period

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It is important to discuss the history of the emergence of this social problem. I will discuss the essence of poverty as a social problem and how that has affected how welfare is distributed among single mothers. Some factors that contributed to this social problem are the economy and he increasing amount of people who lived in poverty. The government felt that it was necessary to be proactive about the growing issue of poverty. The government was also taking a look at how money was being spent and how that contributed to the nation’s debt. As a result some policies were put into place to address those issues. Many programs were on a trial and error period to determine the success rate of that program. If the social program had expenses that seemed to add to the deficit then those programs were either revamped or eliminated. It is important to examine how Welfare has changed from the Colonial period to present.
A social problem is an undesirable condition that affects individuals or groups of people. Single mothers’ is the population that I will be discussing in this paper. Welfare reform and its impact on single mothers’ well-being is the social problem that I’ve chosen to analyze. Single mothers that are welfare recipients often go through different experiences that affect their well-being. However, the Welfare reform changes have been a factor that has contributed to their well-being positively and negatively. The goal of the reform is to cut down on social spending
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