How Well Do You Know Hilary Clinton? Essay

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How well do you know Hilary Clinton? Well, for starters Hilary Clinton is a current United States Presidential Candidate for 2016. According to, Caroli, who wrote an article about Hillary Clinton, born “Hillary Diane Rodham October 26, 1947 in Chicago, Illinois.” It says Hillary, “grew up in a middle-class home in Park Ridge.” “Her dad, Hugh, was a World War II Navy veteran.” (Hillary Clinton website) Huge was also a Republican who worked hard. Hillary had two brothers named Hugh Jr. and Anthony. Growing up Hillary’s mother, Dorothy, had a tough childhood. According to Hillary, “She inspired her lifelong commitment to helping every child live up to his or her God-given potential.”
Growing up Clinton “attended public schools, was a Girl Scout and played in a girls’ softball league.” While at Wellesley college, “Hillary became involved with social justice activism.” (Hillary Clinton website) According to Hillary Bibliography on National Woman’s History Museum website, Hillary’s parents “encouraged her to take education seriously, and she earned entrance to Massachusetts’ Wellesley College.” Hillary’s “parents were Republicans and she was President of Wellesley’s Republican Club.” (National Woman’s History Museum) Hillary Rodham met Bill Clinton at Yale Law School. They met in the Yale Library, where Mr. Clinton first said hello. “Hillary is an American lawyer and politician who served as a U.S. senator (2001-2009) and secretary of state (2009-2013) under the administration of
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