How Well Does Parliament Perform Its Various Functions?

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HOW WELL DOES PARLIAMENT PERFORM ITS VARIOUS FUNCTIONS? Parliament is designed to hold the executive accountable; therefore it goes about this by various means of government scrutiny, such as Prime Minister’s Question Time. In addition, Parliament is expected to perform a legislative function, creating the process of a bill becoming a law after undergoing many stages between the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Finally, Parliament is also required to be representative of the nation, with constituencies creating a strong local link between the electorate and their MP. As Parliament is required to scrutinise the executive, each week there is Prime Minister’s Questions giving backbench MPs…show more content…
In addition, government can simply override the House of Lords, as on the third occasion that a bill is rejected by the Lords, the elected Commons can force it onto the statute books against the Lords’ will, thus by creating a Parliament Act. Nonetheless, scrutiny is not the only role of Parliament, as most people recognise it for its legislative function, to make legislation legitimate as the primary law making body. As Parliament is acting on behalf of the electorate, the House of Commons has become the more dominant chamber in Parliament. Although bills can start in either chamber, the Commons is where the majority of legislation is introduced, and it passes over 100 bills each year. However, the bills do not just go through to the Royal Ascent easily, the House of Lords stands in place to review and amend the white papers sent through from the House of Commons, for example the amendment of the Terror bill in 2005. Moreover, the Lords are also able to reject bills that it redeems unsuitable for example the previous Labour government’s proposal of national ID cards. The input from the House of Lords into the law making process is extremely valuable as it consists of experts in many different fields including medicine (Lord Winston) and business (Lord Sugar). On the other hand, there are many flaws to
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