How Were Incoming Laotian And Vietnamese Immigrants During The Vietnam War?

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How were incoming Laotian and Vietnamese immigrants, who were arriving in the U.S. due to the Vietnam War, adapting into American society during the 1970s to present day? The first source, “From Refugees to Americans”, is relevant to my question as it provides not only statistics, but also detailed accounts of refugee life from the transition from the Asia to the United States. The source provides statistics on the Vietnamese population during and after immigration, with some accounts of refugees from today. The second source is an interview and provides information about how life was during the Vietnam War, and a first-hand account of immigration life in America during the Vietnam War. Alicia Camp, research assistant to the Immigration Policy Center, created a website article titled “From Refugees to Americans.” Alicia Camp is a Caucasian women reporting for the Immigration Daily. This source is valuable as it provides statistics and accounts of Vietnamese American immigrants, which help give insight of what refugee camps were like during the war. This source is limited in perspective and focuses on the Vietnamese community and how they were by the immigration from the Vietnam War, which does not give a broad enough perspective on the war. The purpose of this source is to inform the audience of Vietnamese immigration to America from the Vietnam War, and shows the advancements of Vietnamese Americans from their refugee origins. This source is valuable as it gives…
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