How Were The Jews Dehumanized By The Nazis?

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How were the Jews dehumanized by the Nazis? The Nazis dehumanized the Jews through depriving them of basic human needs, individuality, and by treating them like animals. Elie Wiesel, surviver of the Holocaust, explains dehumanization in his autobiography Night. Night takes its reader through an amazing realization of how the people changed from civilized humans to vicious and animal-like. Each event that happens to Elie and the Jews, strips away pieces of their humanity. The Nazis dehumanize the Jews by robing them of their beloved possessions. The dehumanization that happens to Elie and the Jews starts in Sighet, a little town in Transylvania. Elie and the Jews were forced to abandon all their valuables, Elie states “A Jew was henceforth forbidden to own gold, jewelry, or any valuables” (Wiesel 10-11). This quote shows dehumanization because the Jews were being forbidden to keep their valuables. The antiques that have been handed down to them by their families, or the possessions that they have worked hard to earn are being taken away from them. They are being treated as unequals because of the forbiddances of valuables that only applys to the Jews. The family heirlooms that gave them background and connection to relatives were taken away. Elie proclaims “There no longer was any distinction between rich and poor, notables and the others; we were all people condemned to the same fate-still unknown” (Wiesel 21). Here Elie explains the dehumanization of individuality they
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