How White Americans Are Still Reaping Benefits Today

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This country is known for two horrific acts against mankind, the inhumane treatment of the American Indians and the enslavement of African-Americans. Both groups are still affected today and this essay will look at how White Americans are still reaping benefits today. The number of slaves brought to North America, South America, and the Caribbean was off the wall as between 1619 and the end of slavery approximately 9.6 and 10.8 were forcibly brought over from Africa (Mintz, 2009). The numbers rose from 36,000 a year in the early 1700s to almost 80,000 a year during the 1780s, the peak of the tragic importation (Mintz, 2009). Most were not brought to the United States, but by 1825 the United States and a quarter of the slaves because the death rate was much higher in other areas of the Americas (Mintz, 2009). The slaves in this country were more removed from their African roots as by 1850, most of the slaves in the Caribbean were born in Africa where those in the United States had been there for several generations (Mintz, 2009). Many of their traditions and customs were taken away or forgotten. Maybe this is why it has taken African-Americans in this country longer to discover their roots than those of other areas. Most of the slaves were forced to provide labor in the agriculture industry. “By 1850, about 64 percent of slaves lived on cotton plantations, 12 percent on tobacco areas, 5 percent worked with sugar, and 4 percent dealt with rice” (Mintz,

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