How Wicca Is A Positive, Harmonious, Nature Based Religion, And The Largest Within Neopaganism

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Wiccans Wicca is a positive, harmonious, nature-based religion, and the largest within Neopaganism (Neopaganism refers to all Eastern religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and so on). Wicca, is also known as Pagan Witchcraft and as the name says, it is the practice of white Witchcraft and the worship of nature and it’s seen as a religion that’s based on pre-Christian traditions. It is relatively modern, it has been around for only about 50 years and was developed in England by Briton Gerald Gardner, a retired British civil servant, in the 1940’s and 50’s. Wiccans have no leader, or any central figure to follow nor do they have a Bible. A lot of Wiccans are very independent while others form small groups, perhaps, in their communities called Covens. The reason due to the lack of or limited knowledge they’ve obtained from their ancestors was because many Christian churches tried to vanish this religion since they associate witchcraft with the devil and the worshipping of it. However, a group of 73 representatives or so from many different Wiccan practices and traditions met in Minneapolis in 1973 to develop a form of temporary "Council of American Witches" headed by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke, a very well-known writer that specializes in books that focus on alternative health and healing, astrology, earth-based religions, Gnostic Christianity, and more. The group victoriously came up with a set of 13 beliefs that successfully met the beliefs and the definition of the
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