How Will Climate Change Affect The Uk?

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Geography Investigation
Joseph Mackie
How will climate change affect the UK?

Introduction: Page 2
Methodology: Page 2
Main Contents: Page 2 – 7
Summary/Conclusion: Page 7 – 8
Acknowledgements: Page 8
References, Diagrams and pictures will be included whenever needed.

In this investigation, I will be researching if climate change is happening, and if it is, how is it happening, how are we impacting on it, but most of all, I will be researching how will the UK affected by climate change. In the methodology, I will state how I researched and how I was able to do this investigation. In the main contents, I will be displaying the information and results I have researched, and will answer the questions that I have mentioned above. In the summary/conclusion section, I will give a big picture of what I have mentioned in the main contents, answer the questions simply. I will be adding diagrams, references and illustration here and there in this investigation.

To be able to carry out this investigation successfully, I used the Internet as my main source of information. I searched for information’s such as: what was our average temperatures a 100 years ago, what is our average temperature now? I searched these questions so that I could find out if climate change was actually happening. I also searched CO2 to temperature graph, as I know that there is a strong correlation between Carbon Dioxide levels and temperatures. I also searched the…
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