How Will Our Organization Excel?

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Brief background Strategic planning is a process used by various organizations in defining their strategy and direction. It is also used for decision making purposes affecting the strategy to be used for allocating resources. In order to accurately determine the direction of a given organization, it is critical to understand the organization's current position as well as the possible avenues via which it can effectively pursue a particular objective (Mckeown,2012). Mckeown further noted that strategic planning deals with three main questions; "What actions will we take?" "For whom do we do it?" "How will our organization excel?" In most organizations, strategic planning is treated as a process of determining the direction of organization over the next couple of years (3-5 years). In this paper, we examine the strategic planning of Stanford University from the point of view of strategic human resource management. This means that the implication of the organization's strategic plan on human resource management is our main objective. Strategic human resource management on the other hand involves the process of developing a consistent and accurately aligned collection of corporate practices, strategies as well as policies aimed at facilitating the achievement of a given organization's strategic objectives as indicated in the work of Mello (2002). Some of the Strategic human resource management (SHRM) practices include the activities, actions and decisions related with
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