How Wind Power Works

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Wind power has been used over centuries (Bowden 44). It converts the energy form the wind into wind power with the help of wind turbines (How Do Wind Turbines Work?). They can provide power for houses and farms. In order to fulfill the electricity needs of humans, large group of wind turbines can work together as wind farms (Catherall 32). Windmill is very green, it is very environmental friendly as it has no air pollution. It is clean and renewable. However, the wind speed and availability is driving factor to run effective wind mill electricity system. It cannot be implemented without consistent wind with acceptable speed. (Layton) Parts of turbine A wind turbine consists of 4 main parts, which are the base, tower, blades and nacelle. The blades capture the energy from the wind, causing a generator in nacelle to spin. The tower supports and provides access for maintenance to the nacelle. The tower is also containing electrical conduits. The base is very important as it supports the whole structure of the wind turbine (Parts of a turbine). How does it work? Wind, the outcome of an even heating of the atmosphere from the sun, the earth’s surface irregularities, and the earth’s rotation, is a form of energy from the solar (HOW DOES A WIND TURBINE WORK?). When the wind is passing through the blades, the two aerodynamic force that results on the turning of the rotor blade are working. The strength of forces depends on of the amount of force that the wind exerts on them.
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