How Women Can Lose Weight

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Written on the front page of the September 21st issue, is a supposed guarantee for the perfect body in two months. I can’t help but look at the covers of magazines while I wait for the cashier at CVS to finish scanning my items. The covers are plastered with article titles on how women can lose weight, and how that will make their boyfriend, fiancé, or husband love them that much more. I try not to let it get to me, but seeing those women on the covers of magazines makes me feel self conscious. How do they do it, and why can’t I look like that? I wish I could have that Victoria’s Secret body that guys love and every girl wishes she had. I sigh and grab my plastic bag from the countertop and head out the door. . . . . . . . . Dad bods are so in. Its all over social media, pictures of men galloping on the beach with less than toned abs. People love the trend of dad bods because it’s funny and the men in these pictures are put on a pedestal by reporters and article writers for going out in not the most in shape bodies. After eating a sandwich, two slices of pizza, a side of fries, plate of what they call salad, and a bowl of ice cream my friends are finally done with lunch and I’m astonished. I ask my MALE friends: “How can you guys eat all of that and not feel bad about the weight you 're going to gain?” “C’mon you know I’m going for that dad bod girl.” “You don 't care about gaining weight.” “No why would I?” I thought his was weird because I rarely ever eat a plate of
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