How Women Didn 't Have A Job And Their Own Freedom

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Femininity is defined in the dictionary as the quality of being female; womanliness. This paper is about how women didn’t have the right to have a job and their own freedom in the past. Women struggled to work and make their own money, and to be considered something more than objects. Even though Women have gotten the right to do most of the things that only men can do. These things, according to Beauvoir, just seem to diminish the value of woman (). It’s also not just the fact that they are being treated less than a man, but also the fact that they are getting paid less. Times have changed and they have raised women salary, but not to the point where they are equal to men.
Man, and Woman are biologically different. “Biological and social science no longer believe there are immutably determined entities that define given characteristics like those of the woman, the Jew, or the black; science considered characteristics as secondary reactions to a situation” (Beauvoir 4). The way a person’s body is shaped by their chromosomes defines who they are. A woman is defined by her two xx chromosomes. She is used to give birth and be a mother, from a biological point of view she is weak. When something is considered weak, it cannot fend for itself. That’s why it’s said that the men are always first, because biologically speaking they are stronger than women. They are considered the leaders. Today people try to alter the way they look, and they try to change their sexuality. Women try
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