How Women Should Be Treated Equally Or Not?

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According to liberals and republicans, they have different views on how gender and family life work. They have their own opinions on how women should be treated equally or not. Republicans such as, Aristotle, and Rousseau, at least, deemed women’s role in the family as independently subordinate to men, and reduced that role to their sexual, procreative, and parenting functions within it. However Locke’s philosophy of women’s place in the family is more ambiguous from a liberal’s point of view. After comparing John Locke to other philosophers, such as Aristotle, and Rousseau, he argues that women are not property, and they should be honored and respected by children. Although gender role is important for the common good, liberals argued that regardless of the sexes, a woman should be treated equally for their rights, such as marriage, and not being addressed as property, whereas, according to republicanism, by nature, women are weaker than men so they should be passive. This shows that liberals have a better understanding on how gender roles work in the society and politics. Throughout his writing of the “Second Treatise of Government: Chapter VII: Of Political or Civil Society”, Locke establishes his arguments that women are not property, women are capable of leaving the compact of marriage and finally that women are to be honored and respected by children. One of the main reasons why John Locke’s view on gender role has a better understanding than republicans, is
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