How Women Should Break the Glass Ceiling That Exists Nowadays?

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Social Stratification: How women should break the glass ceiling? The glass ceiling starts to form itself very early on. Glass ceiling is one of the most compelling metaphors used for analyzing inequality between men and women in the workplace. Appelbaum & Chambliss (1997 : 232) describe the term ‘’glass ceiling’’ as a seemingly invisible barrier to movement into the very top positions at all levels of employment in business and government, which makes it difficult for women to reach the top of their professions. We have seen powerful women like Hillary Clinton enter high political positions. Janet Reno was elected as the first woman Attorney General. Women such as Oprah Winfrey dominate the entertainment industry. Oprah has overcome…show more content…
They both must first believe that women are equal to men, and then they must act upon it. It is possible. The glass ceiling can mean different things to different people. I do not feel that women and other minorities should be given anything that is not deserved. Discrimination will never be totally abolished, because it has been handed down for generations. The only way to break the glass ceiling is through actions, not words. We have so much more control over the glass ceilings inside our brains than the glass ceilings in our environment. And my belief is that any transformation must first start from within. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” (Mahatma Gandhi), although I doubt he would have thought it might apply to glass ceilings. Women are the first who need to change in this situation in order for there to ever be a modification and a shatter of this glass ceiling. They must believe that they can not only succeed, but also that they deserve a chance to succeed. Because the notion that women do not belong in the workplace has been around for so long, women have started to believe that they have no place in a career and at least have no place in the upper level, executive job. Believing that they deserve a better job and equal treatment is the first step that a woman needs to take. Although she will come across many men who will try to hold her back, a woman needs to press on. Education also plays an

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