How Women Should Look And Behave Essay

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Society’s ideas on how women should look and behave when participating in sport have been passed down for decades. Women have always been expected to express their femininity when doing some form of physical activity. These ideas haven 't changed much over the years. Although women’s ability to participate in sport has increased significantly, they are still required to look and behave feminine when participating in a sport. This can be proven with the long residual approach. The long residual approach studies the continuity and discontinuity of certain traditions and practices in regards to physical culture (Clevenger, 2016). It determines whether or not things have changed. In this paper this approach will be used to show several continuities. First, that female athletes still have to appeal to a male audience, thus showing men still hold the power in sport. Secondly, female sport’s continue to receive less money and coverage. Thirdly, there is still a separation on what is considered a male and female’s “space.” Lastly, although scientific knowledge has advanced, women continue to have assumptions made on how their body should look. It is important to analyze a contemporary moment because usually the societal expectations are values that have been seen for centuries. In the “These women are Olympic athletes…” article, it shines light upon several social issues occurring during the olympics in regards to women’s sports. It discusses how female athletes have incredible
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