How Women Were Viewed During The Medieval Catholic Time

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Many people today have misconceptions about how women were viewed during the Medieval Catholic time period (15th century) and the Protestant Reformation (16th century). To be honest, women have always made significant contributions to their culture and life several times in the past and even still today. All throughout history there is evidence that women have been regarded highly of. In “Woman In Catholic Tradition” by Edgar Schmiedeler, St. Jerome quoted “There are people, O Paula and Estochium, who take offense at seeing your name at the beginning of my works. These people do not know that Olda prophesied when the men were mute; that, while Barak trembled, Deborah saved Israel; that Judith and Esther delivered from supreme peril the children of God. I pass over in supreme silence Anna and Elizabeth and the other holy women of the Gospel, but humble stars when compared with the luminary, Mary. I shall add but one word more. Was it not to women that Our Lord appeared after his resurrection? Yes, and the men could then blush for not having sought what women had found.” I like to think of women as the quiet voices of encouragement and reason to the men in their lives. There are several differences between how women were viewed during these time periods but there are also some similarities as well. The women of both the Protestant Teaching and the Catholic Teaching were regarded highly of, but the purpose of Protestant women were to be married so that they are able to
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