How Women Working Within All Federal Agencies Of The Government At Different Grade Levels

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The research utilized an exploratory case study method through the application of various academic articles and significant statistical data in the development of the study. This study explicitly explores women working within all federal agencies of the government at different grade levels. In this research one classification system was reviewed, the Senior Executive Services classification.
The Senior Executive Services classification is clearly defined by the Office of Personnel Management as The SES is mainly comprised of individuals accountable for leading the continuous transformation of the government (Womack-Gregg, 2010).These men and women have the necessary executive skills and collectively share a comprehensive perspective of the government and also the public service commitment outlined in the Constitution. The SES was mainly designed to have executives selected for their excellent leadership qualifications. Members of the SES serve in important positions just a category lower from the top presidential appointees.
This analysis mainly attempts at answering the important question:
Has the overall percentage of women increased in the SES positions from the year 1999 to 2009?
Findings and Discussion
Through analysis of the yearly information and also the 2010 data, it was evident through the discovery that most of the accurate data present the situation as it currently occurs. The rationale behind the formulation of this question is to evaluate if, over time, female…
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