How World War II Has Affected the World as We Know It

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World War two was a massive war the was legitimately fought by every country in the world that matters. It was a blood bath, raging from europe all the way to Japan. All because of one man looking for revenge power and the glorification of not only himself but for his nation. Adolf Hitler wanted to restore his country from the terrible loses it had gained from the very destructive World War one. Adolf brought hope and happiness back to Germany, he was in the works of returning their once destroyed economy, the people loved him and this in fact was his downfall and the downfall of that world and the creation of the world we live in today. World War ii brought countries together, and shoved others apart. It made clear where everyone in the world stood and what role they would play in the not so far future. World war two marked a rebirth of the new world with new and greater superpowers that walked the earth. It gave extraordinary power to them and marked who was with who in this battle of these two sides. The communist and Capitalists. And because of world war two the battle for control of the world is an all too familiar reality. Before world war to the now superpowers were on a rise but not as proclaimed as they are now. Nothing is the same before world war two as it is now. This world war gave power to great nations. The effect of World War II was the start of a new age. It was marked by the fall of the once great powers and the rise of two of the greatest superpowers to
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