How Would You Evaluate an Organization’s Hrims?

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In modernize era, more and more technology has applied in business and management. Human resource information management system (HRIMS) is one of the applications used for managing people in organizations. However, to have the objective perspective, there could be a efficiency and practical review in organization’s HRIMS. Therefore, this paper will have an overview about benefits and barriers of HRIMS, after that there will be the analysis the effect of HRIMS on organization’s performance and job quality, and the value it brings to company.

At first, HIRMS is known as a informatics technology system in which the information is stored and analyzed for purpose of supplying the precise and opportune reports on the management in
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As the result, right people in suitable position can help the quality of management (Altarawneh and Al-Shqairat 2010). Consequently, personnel is important part of company so job quality can used to assess HRIMS.

Finally, the value, which HRIM brings to the company, should be assessed. Initially, type of the system must be depended on the size of corporation. Altarawneh and Al-Shqairat (2010) find that the advantages and disadvantages of HRIMS are different based on whether the company large or small. As the result, the differences between big and small company are cost and risk of the application (Altarawneh and Al-Shqairat 2010). For example, Bondarouk, Ruel and Heijden (2009) indicate that small organizations that have less five hundred employees prefer less cost and more flexible software. Two of the successful systems are SAP and Oracle that are used by large market of organizations (Lee, Olson and Lee 2009). Furthermore, managers can consider the advantages of HRIMS. With this system, they can organize all departments effectively, control the information closely and improve the work environment. For instant, paying salary exactly, which required precisely data of staff is a trouble in some organizations (Valkig and Stigdon 2008). The system can uses data immediately with fewer errors to calculate the wage accurately. Moreover, the executives can solve the barriers of HRIMS such as issuing company policy to help them to avoid legal

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