How Would You Explain The Difference Between Enculturation And Acculturation

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1. How would you explain the difference between enculturation and acculturation?
2. Who are the programs for children that you are familiar with designed for? Which children and families find cultural compatibility with the program? Which children and families experience a cultural discrepancy?
3. How might you ensure that child rearing/raising practices could be culturally consistent between home and a program for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, elementary school children, and younger adolescents? (See if you can imagine what the practices might be like for each age range.) Would they be different? Would there be a consistent thread?
1. Enculturation is the process of learning the culture of someone, his/her values, rules, beliefs,
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I imagine that the practices for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, might be alike. Children are young and need to stay much possible connected with own family’s culture to feel safe in the new environment; with home visits to know the family, observing families, communicate with them, bring item from home in the classroom, and alternate to read in their language. It became different for elementary school children and younger adolescent, it might be less involved than the early childhood programs, but still, I would require to respect each other culture as the same value and research family’s perspective in their child learning expectation putting everyone in the same level. I would use individualized teaching strategy for elementary school children and preschoolers if necessary. The young adolescent’s age is particularly different since they becoming asking for freedom from parents, the teacher should ask them before talking to parents, but absolutely I would ask for respect and acceptance for each culture with research, and discussion. It would be a consistent thread, if the teacher is consistent and has support from adolescents and families. But, sometimes if their background on education has been not focused on culture differences, the change would be a
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