How Writers Protest War Essay

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How Do Writers Protest War? In every American war combined, about 1.2 million soldiers have died fighting in battle. Many look past the effects and consequences that going to war can lead to and every soldier is assumed to be a hero. Others believe that killing anybody, whether they are innocent or on a battlefield, is in no way honorable. Writers who protest war use imagery, irony, and structure to explain the negative effects of battle. One aspect writers use to protest war is by demonstrating the irony in fighting. In Stephen Crane’s, War is Kind, it is said to “not weep...war is kind” (1). During war a great amount of risk is placed upon the soldiers which is the complete opposite of kind. In Amy Lowell’s, Patterns, a man “in a month would [be a husband]” (81-90). Instead of coming home for a wedding, they would return home in a casket. In Kevin Powers, The Yellow Birds, it explains how you are also “taught your whole life there is no making up for [killing] but even your own mother is happy” (Powers D). It is ironic that killing people has been instilled in your head to be awful, but when you are killing people in a war you are known as a hero.…show more content…
In Carl Sandburg’s, Grass, it shows how soldiers may get confused and often ask questions along the lines of “what is this place?” (8) during battle. Writers include questions like this in their pieces to emphasize the confusion war can leave on somebody. In The Yellow Birds, Powers uses a stream of consciousness as a soldier pours out his thoughts when returning from war. This represents the chaos that war can bring out about in a person’s mind. A poem where a woman dreams that her lover “would stumble after bewildered by [her] laugh” (Lowell 44-45) is written in iambic meter. The heartbeat pattern represents the love she yearned for but would not receive, because her lover died in
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