How Writing Can Help You Cope With Life

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Terry Tempest Williams achieves her purpose in “Why I Write” by composing a love letter to “writing” about how writing can help you cope with life. The author gives a precise summary about why she writes. It seems to be random thoughts, but she has a point to the madness as the reader has to analyze the text more deeply to understand what Williams means. Williams uses this piece to describe a climatic read about why the author feels the need to express herself in this way. However, why would someone write a love letter to writing, or any other art form? For Williams, this is a way of showing her talent as a writer and as an advocate for writing as a profession. Williams does this through her vivid metaphors that push the audience to…show more content…
Williams wants the reader to agree and struggle with the idea that you can change the world with a simple pen and piece of paper. People need to understand that they are not confined by what they are limited in doing. She encourages the audience to start off with an idea and push it. But the author is not just talking to the readers, she starts to write to the dead: “I write to the dead. I write out of my body” (81). Williams’ tone comes across as if she does not care what anyone else has to say. But that’s exactly what she is trying to achieve, writing isn’t about anyone but themselves. Williams has an out of body experience every time she writes, which allows her to see the world in a different lens. Making writing not as objective as other core curriculum classes. Whether or not you can memorize two hundred formulas or not, the narrator is trying to get across that you can be an amazing writer whether you have a high school degree or a PHD. She just wants to get her idea across that no matter what, you can write anything and as long as it has sentimental value, heart, and emotion that it will be amazing. The love of writing is subjective, and she doesn’t want to lose that in todays society. Williams is able to give off a sense of love for writing up to a point where is seems to be a love letter to why she loves writing so much. She has this ability to make love and writing
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