How You Can Ease Pain By Controlling Your Mind Essay

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Title: How You Can Ease Pain by Controlling Your Mind

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Summary: The often-dangerous side effects of pain meds like opioids pushes researchers to discover more natural ways of remedying pain. Many studies now suggest that you can ease pain with your mind. This article discusses how you can do that.

Article: When pain overtakes you, your first response may be to pop a pill. But drugs like opioids and ibuprofen may not be the safest option. Next time pain strikes, consider a safer and more natural approach. Ease pain with your mind.
Understanding pain
Few things in life are certain. Unfortunately, pain is a certainty. At some point in your life you will experience pain — whether acute or chronic — it will inevitably cross your path. Pain can be disabling and debilitating, but it’s a survival mechanism with a purpose to protect the body. While acute pain is intense and short-lived, chronic pain lasts much longer and can be mild to intense. But without pain you wouldn’t be motivated enough to change that part of the body, which the brain (right or wrong) thinks is damaged.
Pain is a signal sent by the brain to encourage you to act. But pain is not always an accurate measurement of the amount of tissue injured. That means the pain your feeling may not be a reliable sign of what’s really going on. Chronic pain, in particular, may be a blend of
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