How Your Position On Society Affects Your Education

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Professor Pittman English 1010 04/28/2017 How Your Position in Society Affects Your Education The aspect of education in the American society emerges out as the most significant attribute of life, especially in the contemporary world. Parents, the government and the society have invested substantially in the education of the children because of the positive outcomes associated with education. For example, with education, an individual is assured of landing a better job and leading a decent life in future. Significantly, education is not only a personal achievement but rather benefits the nation as a whole. However, it is appalling that the dream of acquiring education in the United States is limited to some individuals especially those…show more content…
The white masters believed that if the blacks were taught how to read or write it would make them unfit to be slaves (Moraga, 170). The white masters feared of the enlightenment of the slaves who through education would have better chances of claiming their rights as well as fighting for equality. As the adage goes, the pen is mightier that the sword, the whites knew of the possible danger of educating the black slaves. With education, the blacks would be enlightened, and the whites, on the other hand, would have no slaves they would oppress and manipulate the forced labor. Hence, the white masters fought fiercely against the acquisition of education among the black slaves. Besides, the racial prejudices placed dominant whites as being superior or better as compared to the black slaves. Hence, the attaining of education for the blacks meant that they would occupy the same positions in the society, a factor that the white racists highly detested. Notably, the need for literacy became a crucial tool utilized by the black slaves who knew their enslavement would end if they enhanced their literacy levels. There is nothing more valuable than psychological freedom as reinforced by the aspect of literacy among the blacks. For example, the fight against slavery in the United States was not won by a physical war but rather through the war of wits, intellect, and literacy as enhanced by
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