How a Bill Becomes a Law

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In our country’s government, Congress plays a major role in decision making. They’re primary role is to pass laws. These laws start off as bills. Bills can only be introduced by members of Congress. Although these bills only come from Congressman, there are many people who influence these bills. Such as the president, regular citizens, offices in the executive branch, and many others. The bills right off the bat do not have a very good chance of passage. Only 1 out of every 10 bills even gets any attention at all. This is because they must go through many tests and hearings before they even have a chance of landing on the president’s desk. These steps in a bill becoming a law are very important, and make sure that all bills passed into law…show more content…
Other than the fact that they have very little time to look over the legislation. The majority party is probably the biggest problem will bills. If the majority party doesn’t like it the chances of it making it passed this stage are very little to slim. There are a couple ways to get the bill through this stage anyway though in the house. The first would be by using what is called a discharge. The only way for this to work though is to get a petition signed by most of the membership. This will force the bill to the floor for action and debate. Discharges rarely ever happen though, as most of the members of the committees have a mutual respect for the other committees. The Senate does not use discharges. The only other way to get a bill passed after it has been killed at this stage would be to reintroduce it. Then the bill would have to go back through the committees and subcommittees to be passed as law. Sixth, the next part of the lawmaking process is the floor debates. After the bill reaches the full chamber in the Senate and reaches the rules committee in the house decisions are made. Either two things will happen here, the bill will be scheduled for floor debates or it will be completely dropped. Usually bills that are able to make it this far in the process are passed into law. Passing these bills is not as easy as it sounds. Some bills cost members a lot just to get passed. Especially bills that have to do with spending. When the

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