How a Country’s Culture Affects Motivational Efforts

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Activity 4.1: How a Country’s Culture Affects Motivational Efforts
Carlos J. Rivera
Indiana Wesleyan University

How a Country’s Culture Affects Motivational Efforts
When employees and managers from the US and other countries are mixed together in any intense environment they often bring with them different expectations about workplace success factors, rewards and career development as well as differences in motivational wiring.
Managers need to be sure they understand these differences and adapt them appropriately can become a key strategy to be used. Failure to do can lead to critical misunderstanding. Some of the major differences in these area can create the most difficult situations; management styles, job security and
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That why many employees prefer a job where their pay is strongly related to his performance as an individual. While in other countries, employees prefer a higher job security instead of a higher-stake risk job or career.
A difference between the US and other countries that can be critical for employee motivation is the achievement need. The view that high achievement need acts as an internal motivator presupposes two cultural characteristics – a willingness to accept moderate degree of risk and a concern with performance (Robbins, DeCenzo and Coulter, 2011, p. 279). This might be a misconception when analyzing the possibilities of working across cultures.
As a result of all the competition in the market for key positions or jobs, many employers don’t limit themselves to find someone who can perform or fill just the position they need. They also look for someone with a high capacity of growth and develop as employee and as individuals. A common manager from the US would question an employee asking for his career plans. This question, which embodies the mutual expectation that employees take independent responsibility for their professional advancement, runs counter to the expectations of work cultures in many other countries, including China, where the expectation is that it is the boss 's responsibility to look out for and decide on an employee 's future.
Another critical process that can cause conflicts with employees and managers from

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