How a Project Management Office Boosts Hospital Quality

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How a Project Management Office Boosts Hospital Quality By Thomas Guglielmo The overriding mission of the quality assurance and patient safety body in a hospital environment is to advance learning and system-wide improvements throughout the healthcare center and its clinics. The challenge is to keep on top of the many individual quality initiatives running at any one time, while also ensuring that the appropriate care standards are observed. All hospitals are expected to adhere to a set of core care measures, developed by the Joint Commission – the national standard-setting and accrediting healthcare body – to optimize the quality of care through a standardized performance measurement system. These core measures are primarily derived…show more content…
Depending on the ambitions of your organization, it may also make sense to add in an opportunity identification phase. Once you have set up the project chronology and timeline through a lifecycle, it is essential to define the activities, deliverables, and decisions that occur at each phase. These activities will build your process while the deliverables will be the tools that support the activities. Initiation phase – The essential tool at this stage of the project is the project charter. The charter should define the project at a high level and include the following components: Problem statement Project objectives Project goals Team leads and members Expected benefits Constraints Dependencies Planning phase – Planning is more than just listing out the tasks of a project. It is critical that the project manager answers the following questions when planning the project. What is the expected project outcome? How will the work be done? What do you expect of the project team members? Who reports to whom? When will the work be performed? Are there any costs associated with the work? Who will be affected by the change? When will the team meet? Who is required to attend the meetings? How will minutes be recorded? The work plan is the primary tool that the project manager should use during this phase. The “perfect” work plan will include all project related tasks and key milestones with specific timeframes. In

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