How and Understanding of Metacognition Improves the Way a Student Learns

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How an understanding of metacognition improves the way a student learns? Metacognition is defined as “thinking about thinking”. Metacognition consists of two components: knowledge and regulation. Metacognitive learning includes knowledge about oneself as a learner and the factors that might impact performance, knowledge about strategies, and knowledge about when and why to use strategies. Metacognitive regulation is the monitoring of one’s cognition and includes planning activities, awareness of understanding and task performance, and assessment of the efficacy of monitoring processes and strategies. Metacognition also improves with suitable instruction, with experimental evidence supporting the notion that students can be taught to…show more content…
Metacognition is a vast term which refers to “thinking about thinking” (Soiferman, Monday may 5, 2014). It has different models; one of them is self-regulated learning (SRL). SRL refers to active process which means self-generated thoughts, feelings and actions that are planned. It is a mixture of three components; cognitive; metacognitive; motivation. Cognitive discusses information strategies for instance organization. Metacognitive is a process of planning, monitoring and evaluation. Motivational means to accomplish self-efficacy. In recent years the role of SRL model is rapidly increasing in educational sector. “Some research has indicated that high-achieving students can be characterized as highly self-regulated learners” (Michalsky, Schechter, 2013, P.60). Many studies revealed that SRL enrich their performances. Furthermore teachers were playing great role to enhance student’s performances however it is necessary for pre-service teachers to become SRL. It is difficult to adapt SRL for pre-services teachers because they are lacking from experiences and confidence. Pre-service teachers need to understand how to assist their students in striving SRL because it improves student skills, active construction of knowledge, and progress of self-direction. It also boosts academic performances and problem-solving competency. Student can learn in a self-determined way only through when pre-service
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